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New US ITAR Regulations Formulate Favored Defense Partners

The Treaties between the United States, the UK and Australia allows these countries to gain a commercial advantage in the global defense market, streamlining the regulatory process that often poses a significant barrier to all but only the biggest or well financed companies.

Challenging Times for UAV Operations over Pakistan

In a step further deteriorating relations between Pakistan and NATO, Islamabad announced today its air defense forces will shoot down any aircraft, manned or unmanned, penetrating its borders, turning the airspace over Waziristan along the Pakistan-Afghanistan borderline into a 'contested access' airspace for aircraft, helicopters and UAVs.

Iran Displays Captured RQ-170 Stealth Drone

RQ-170 captured by Iran
On December 8 Tehran came out open displaying footage of the captured drone which seems in pristine condition. Although the drone was reportedly shot down by Iran's air defense, its upper surface seems to be intact while the bottom, covered by propaganda billboards and camouflage net may hint about more extensive damage caused by hard landing.

Northrop Grumman Delivers Litening G4 Advanced Targeting Pods

The Northrop Grumman Corporation has completed delivery of the first 50 Litening G4 Advanced Targeting Pods under a U.S. Air Force contract. Litening G4 offers enhanced imaging capability, with wider field of view, better target identification at longer ranges than previous versions. The new pod has begun full operations at its first military base with seven additional base deployments planned in the near future.

New Delhi Approves $4.1 Billion C-17 Procurement

The Indian government approved today the purchase of ten C-17 Globmaster II heavy lift aircraft from the U.S.Deliveries of the aircraft could begin by mid 2013. The current procurement worth $4.1 billion could be further extended, as India could be interested in an option to but six additional aircraft of this type.

Israel to Buy 4 More Iron Dome Systems with US Aid

The U.S. is funding the production of four more batteries of Iron Dome missile systems, to assist Israel in defending against short-range anti-rocket attacks...

Reevaluation of Brazil’s FX-2 Fighter Program Could Help Saab

Brazilian new President Dilma Rousseff is apparently pushing back the decision on the acquisition of the new fighter aircraft for Brazil's Air Force sometime to 2012. Local reports are citing reduced government expenditure as the reason for the delay.

India Refloats Tender for Six new Flying Tankers

The Indian Air Force (IAF) is seeking to buy six new flying tankers to augment its existing aerial refueling capability. The two companies are...

DARPA to Test new Lightweight Armor Solutions from Kairos

Kairos Partners, Inc announced today it was selected by DARPA to participate in the “Armor Challenge for Vehicles” with its new lightweight vehicle armor....

U.S. Defense Exports Amount to $31.6 Billion in FY2010

U.S. military sales overseen by the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) were $31.6 billion in the Fiscal Year 2010 (ending September 30), topping $30...

Israel, U.S. European Command Embark on Juniper Cobra Joint Air-Defense Exercise

Juniper Cobra 2010
Tel Aviv - 22 October 2009: Israel and the United States have launched today, Wednesday October 21, their first day of the three-week Juniper...

Obama’s New Midde-East – A Roadmap to Total Confusion

Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad has outlined a unilateral plan to build the infrastructure and institutions for an independent Palestinian state within two years...

U.S. Southern Command Evaluates the role of UAVs in Counter Drug...

U.S. agencies operating along with Salvadoran authorities are evaluating the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) as part of the Joint Interagency Task Force-South,...

The Inevitable Fate of Post US Iraq – Potential Concequences of...

During his whirlwind stopover in Baghdad, last Thursday, U.S. President Barack Obama has declared that Iraqis "must take responsibility for their country". He predicted...

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