(HE-MP-T) tank round, designed to provide tank crews a “secondary” ammunition to replace the High Explosive/Anti Tank (HEAT) round currently used by armored forces of most armies. HE-MP-T offers superior performance to HEAT in all missions, except the anti-tank role. The new round provides a complimentary companion to the IMI’s Kinetic Energy (KE) round, designed for dealing with non armored targets, such as bunkers, light armored vehicles, buildings, dug-in personnel, etc. HE-MP-T provides optimal and cost effective ammunition for modern armor employed in a variety of support tasks in asymmetric warfare, fighting in open area and urban terrain.

The new HE-MP-T follows the success of IMI’s Anti-Personnel/Anti-Material (APAM) cartridge, which has become standard 105mm ammunition with the IDF. Its 120mm derivative is currently in development for the Israel Defense Forces and is scheduled for fielding by 2009.The new round follows a similar design and shape, but is equipped with a unitary, enhanced fragmentation high explosive warhead instead of the six submunitions used with the APAM.

HE-MP-T is designed for operation throughout the effective range of the 120mm gun, up to ranges of 4,000 – 5,000 meters. It uses a tungsten fragments envelope to enhance lethality in the anti-personnel role. It uses an electronic programmable fuze setter (IFS) linked to the Fire Control System (FCS), to enable airburst effect over a designated area, penetration of walls, thin armor or fortification (employing time delay) or explosion on impact, using super-quick activation. HE-MP-T is designed as an Insensitive Munition (IM) offering the highest safety and improved logistics.

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