Sunday, June 23, 2024

    Dismounted Situational Awareness in the Urban Battlespace

    Historically, military forces favored open terrain to avoid the defender’s advantages in urban and complex environments. This article explores the critical importance of advanced situational awareness in urban battlespaces, highlighting several innovations that enable dismounted forces to navigate and respond effectively, ensuring mission success and minimizing collateral damage.

    Giga-PtX Project Visions Eco-friendly, Efficient and War-Ready, Synthetic Fuel Supply

    Rheinmetall has unveiled the Giga-PtX project, aimed at securing a resilient synthetic fuel supply for military applications. The project envisions a decentralized network of large-scale production plants utilizing hydrogen, CO₂, and renewable energy to produce synthetic fuels. This approach addresses the vulnerability of traditional fossil fuel supply chains in wartime, enhancing combat readiness and sustainability. Cooperating with PtX specialist Ineratec, Rheinmetall’s extensive experience in hydrogen technology underpins the development of efficient, cost-effective solutions for fuel production, crucial for modern military operations. The Giga-PtX project ensures a robust and scalable fuel supply, supporting the operational needs of armed forces.

    BAE Systems Showcases the MCWS Turret on AMPV

    BAE Systems’ fourth Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle (AMPV) prototype is being showcased at Eurosatory this week. Configured with a common top plate, also known as the External Mission Equipment Package (ExMEP), the prototype showcases the vehicle’s ability to integrate capabilities and equipment packages internationally. The new turret uses Oshkosh / Rafael MCWS turret selected by the US Army for the Stryker. BAE Systems has also introduced Elbit Systems UT30 gun turret, Patria's Nemo mortar turret and Moog Reconfigurable Integrated-weapons Platform (RIwP) for the CUAS variant.

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