M3 – Carl Gustaf Weapon System


The Garl Gustaf Weapon System is a multi-role man portable “artillery” providing infantry units the ability to engage any type of target, including armor, building, bunkers, personnel etc. The system enables deployment of smoke and illumination charges. The M3 system relies on a 84mm reloadable, recoilless launcher and a family of munitions including the HEAT 751 which uses a tandem warhead to defeat over 500mm of steel including reactive armor (ERA). The rocket is designed to pass through bushes or scrub without activating the precursor charge, thus enabling firing from ambush.

When ERA penetration is not required, the HEAT 551 variant can be used, offering extended range of up to 700 meters. For combat in urban terrain, M3 can be loaded with HEDP 502 dual purpose rocket which can defeat light armor, concrete, bunkers or brick walls. The HE 441 charge was designed specifically for engagement of soft targets. Unlike the other rockets, it is equipped with an impact or delay fuse, to enable air-burst effect. The warhead has 800 steel pellets enclosing the high explosive charge.

A different load – ADM 401 can be used for close-in protection of ambush teams armed with the M3. This rocket carries a payload of 1,100 flechettes and has an effective range of 100 meters.

The flechettes are released and accelerated by gas pressure in a cone, resulting in distribution of 5 – 10 flechettes per square meter at a distance of 100 meters. Smoke, illumination and training rounds complete this impressive weapon system.