Information Management Network
Implemented in F-16I Squadrons

The Negev Squadron will be the first unit to deploy the new Squadron Information Management Network (SIM Net), an advanced information recording and management network available for training and debriefing available at the squadron level. A network based mission debriefing system designed by RADA. SIM NET is composed of the Ground Debriefing Station (GDS), for aircrew debriefing, and the Maintenance Debriefing Station (MDS), for maintenance debriefing. Comprised of commercial PC-based system, GDS processes the flight data and operation parameters recorded during the flight and reproduce a graphic display of the actual air combat situation including all participating aircraft. This reproduction is fully synchronized with the video and audio recordings. The system can be used for multiple aircraft training, operational tactics training and safety events debriefing, as well as air-to-air and air-to-ground mission debriefing.

F-16I Maintenance Debriefing Systems: system incorporates two elements, one embedded in the flight data recorder, which tracks all the databus data flows, and the other – which process reconstructs, interprets the data and displays it to the maintenance teams, for evaluation of events and malfunctions experienced during the flight. The performance analysis is provided by the use of the data MARS flight data analysis software developed by Ampol Technologies. The system synchronizes and concurrently displays data from up to four video channels, four audio channels and four Mil1553 databus channels. The system will be integrated into all the operational aircraft and will also support the flight testing phase, and acceptance process of the first F-16I aircraft in Israel. Similar systems are also used for flight testing, on US Army helicopters and some USAF aircraft.

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