Total Area Control System (TACS)


RAFAEL’s TACS system, which is already deployed along the northern border with Lebanon is currently proposed for operation along the Israeli Buffer Zone. New additions to the TACS include more compact aerostats, such as the Mini TAOS mobile tactical aerostat for area surveillance and observation. The Mini TAOS carries a stabilized payload that can detect and recognize a walking person at a range of 3.8 – 4.5 km in day and night. The Mini-TAOS uses special stabilizing sails enabling operation at winds of up to 90 knots. RAFAEL also developed a tracking system for troops, which maintains constant track of all security forces in the area, including covert elements, reporting their status, and condition. The system provides essential, real-time information over the status of all friendly forces, and contributes to rapid engagement and reducing of potential blue-on-blue engagements risk.