Pinaka, a multi-barrel rocket system, was developed at the DRDO and is in production for the Indian Army. This area weapon is used to supplement current field artillery as well as add some capability beyond their typical 30 km range.

The self-propelled, truck mounted system is equipped with 12 rockets contained in two pods. The complete system also includes a command post vehicle, a munitions carrier / reloader and a meteorological and radar unit.

Pinaka rockets weigh 276kg and are 4.95 meters long and 214mm in diameter. They carry a 100 kg warhead, which can be either a unitary warhead, or a cargo container filled with AP bomblets, mines or incendiary munitions. Rockets can be fired at ranges from 10 to 38 km. The control unit incorporates the same Trajectory Correction System that has recently entered service with the MLRS operated by the Israel Defense Forces. This TCS can handle trajectory correction for multiple rockets improving their effectiveness, accuracy and survivability.

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