Body Ventilation System (BVS)


Global-Secure Safety Corporation

The combination of the intense heat of the Middle East summers and the weight and body heat generated by the ballistic vest imposes significant burden and heat stress on troops operating under extreme climate conditions. As body armor and load bearing vest are blocking air circulation around the chest and back, up to 60% of the natural body cooling process is eliminated.

The Body Ventilation System (BVS) developed by GlobalSecure Safety Corporation uses a battery powered blower to circulate air through an air distribution device worn under the soldier’s body armor. As fresh air is circulated beneath the interceptor body armor and battledress uniform (BDU), natural body cooling is regained, resulting in improved physiology. The system weighs only 5 pounds (2.5 kg) and runs on standard rechargeable li-ion batteries for up to eight hours. This patent pending system designed to keep the body cool and dry by evaporating perspiration under the ballistic vest.

BVS can be worn by a soldier as part of the personal gear and is compatible with the MOLLE load bearing vest and assault pack and commercial hydration packs. It can be worn in a variety of deployments on or around the vest, using MOLLE straps. The system was tested last year in Iraq.