Basalt, the Russian manufacturer of the RPG-29N two munitions designed for this modern weapon – the PG-29V tandem rocket, and TBG-29V thermobaric rounds. PG-29V is designed to defeat tanks using advanced armor, including those fitted with explosive reactive armor (ERA). The round can penetrate 750mm of homogeneous armor or 600 mm of the same armor, fitted with add-on ERA. The PG-29V has a diameter of 105mm, and 1.1 meter length. It weighs 6.1 kg, containing a warhead of 1.4 kg high explosive charge, conformed to produce shaped charge (SC) action.

Penetrating over 1,500 mm of reinforced concrete, PG-29V can also be effective against bunkers and log-and-earth structures (3,700 mm deep) and brick walls (penetrating 2,000 mm of brickwork). Direct fire effective range is 300 meters. The 105mm TBG-29V round uses thermobaric composition. Utilized in urban warfare applications, this weapon has a devastating effect when fired into a building, affecting a maximum internal volume of 300 cubic meters. When fired at a distance of one meter from a window or doorway, the weapon affects a volume of 50 cubic meters inside the building, or when deployed in an open area, at a distance of 10 meters from the center of the explosion. The warhead is also effective against soft skinned material, and light armored vehicles. It can be fired at 50 – 2000 (maximum range with ballistic trajectory).

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