DVIS / AVSR / DMVR Digital Video & Data Recorder


The Smiths Digital Video Information System (DVIS) provides a digital recording system designed for easy retrofit of existing video recorder tape decks. DVIS is expandable from 1 to 4 video channels and can interface with data transfer, terrain avoidance and other functions. With support for ACMI systems, DVIS enables the recreation of complex, realistic training debriefings depicting multiple aircraft, multiple display ACMI presentations in a 3-D display. The system supports MPEG-2 compression and uses removable storage units with a capacity of up to 120 GB.

A typical video recorder used with F-16 fighters is the Airborne Video Solid-State Recorder (AVSR), a 4-channel video recorder with audio and operational debrief systems. This digital recorder is a drop in replacement for single and triple tape deck recorders with the capability to record 4 video channels. The system supports four RS-170 video inputs and one MIL STD 1553 data-bus interface. Memory capacity of up to 24GB is supported with standard USAF data cartridges. Video is compressed using the MPEG compression algorithm prior to storage. An enhanced version, designated AVSR PA (Precision Attack), which is used on Lockheed Martin’s advanced F-16s Fighting Falcon, upgrades the baseline AVSRT with high-resolution video recording and playback supporting enhanced Bomb Damage Assessment through the use of high quality Joint Photographic Expert Group (JPEG) algorithm video compression prior to storage.

Advanced digital flight recorders combine the functionalities of digital video recording, data transfer and file server. Smith’s DMVR integrates these capabilities in a compact, cockpit mounted unit for monitoring four channels of video using solid state media for storage. DMVR utilizes data cartridges with capacities of up to 30 Gigabytes. The system also contains a PCMCIA flash card for file storage and management of avionics mission and maintenance data.

Additional functionalities are provided by the Digital Video Data Management Unit with File Server Systems – DVRFS as used on the USAF F-22 Raptor. This system supports up to five channels of video with two audio channels. The system is capable of hosting terrain avoidance, moving map systems, and other application specific software solutions. The remote mass storage unit accommodates up to three data cartridges with growth potential to over a TeraByte of online solid-state data storage. The system is complemented by Smith’s Operational Debrief System, which provides integrated debriefing and playback.