Micro-Magnetometer To Detect Weapons at Standoff Range


mPhase Technologies (OTC:XDSL) is developing two nano-based technologies including a MEMS micro-magnetometer and nano-battery, promising dramatic improvements in defense and homeland security applications, contributing to improving size, sensitivity and low cost. mPhase’s new micro magnetometer is based on a Micro-Electrical Mechanical System containing hair like silicon microstructures, that can rotate in the presence of magnetic objects. These prototype magnetometers detected an ordinary crowbar from a range of 10 meters. An array of these sensors will be able to detect a rifle from a stand-off distance of 30 meters. Networks of sensors will be able to deploy at sporting events or high traffic entrances eliminating the need for costly bag searches.

mPhase is also developing a nano-Battery, utilizing the features a radically new technology to implement a power source that can be embedded into microcircuits. The new design uses the super hydrophobic characteristic of nano textured surface to control the batteries’ internal reaction. The nano surface holds the electrolyte away from the reactive metal when no power is needed, then releases it when it’s time for the battery to turn on. Because this smart battery has no electrolyte-electrode contact until activated, the nano battery has an extraordinarily long shelf life, as long as 15 – 20 years.

A close-up view of mPhase's micro-Magnetometer