CAMAC Composite Armor for CAMCAV armored vehicle


New Vehicles at DSEi 07: Based on a standard Iveco medium truck chassis which has been in military service for the past 15 years, CavCat uses NP’s CAMAC all-composite armor solution which was first use with the armored Landrover Snatch using the CAV100 suite. CAMAC is designed as an all-composite bulletproof box, offering a high level of protection and structural strength at relatively low weight. The CAMAC provides a modular monocoque construction providing optimal ballistic protection and strength to carry structural loads. Large scale armor components made of laminated composite are molded and bonded together to form the hull, minimizing joint lines and facilitating a stronger, more repellant surface.

NP has augmented their composite armor solution with the new CAMAC Advanced Composite Passive Explosively Formed Projectile Armor (EFPA) and Advanced Composite Bar Armor (ACBA), which can be combined into the CAVCAT to effectively mitigate mine, EAF, RPG and kinetic energy threats effects.

According to NP Armour CAVCAT provides this capability at half the mass of high hardness steel. The composite armor is also offered as enhancement for existing vehicles as well as for add-on armor protecting gunner’s turrets. Internally, the vehicle is configured to carry seven warfighters seated in ballistically protected ‘capsule’ seats. These seats have also been fitted with blast mitigation elements while the vehicle itself uses a ‘floating floor’ to further reduce blast effects. The vehicle is equipped with armor and slat protected doors, with transparent armored windows for the driver and commander, and rear access for the troops.

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