BAE Systems Eying Indian Armored Vehicle Opportunities


BAE Systems is positioning itself to win a larger slice of the Indian defense market and, in particular, the production of armored vehicles. The company is seeking to establish joint ventures with local companies.

Last week India defense online magazine mentioned BAE Systems confirmed it held discussions with Indian automotive giants Mahindra & Mahindra and Tata Motors, among other Indian industrial groups, to join its venture. As part of the privatization of the Indian defense industry, both companies received government licenses to produce light armored vehicles, allowing them to bid in some of the most lucrative potential contracts. Sofar such activities were available only to government owned groups such as the OFB.

The Indian Ministry of Defence is seeking to procure about 8,000 lightweight (3.5 to 5 tones) armored vehicles, a requirement addressed by the company’s RG-32 vehicle.