Fire protection has always been a major consideration in the design of combat vehicles. Uncontrolled fires can spread quickly to flammable materials and explosives, causing catastrophic results. In Iraq, insurgents have begun using fires as a tactic to attempt to penetrate armored vehicles – targeting vulnerable fuel tanks and tires.

According to Michael H. Freeman, CEO/COO of fire-proofing expert Global Safety Labs, Inc. (GSL) fire proofing can help avoiding instances where troops must abandon the safety of an armored vehicle because the tires, hydraulic or fuel tanks caught fire. Mr. Freeman announced that GSL is working on TACOM Engineering approvals in order to fulfill request for installations of GSL’s Automatic Vehicle Fire Extinguishment & Survivability System (AVFESS). The system uses patented vehicle spray system to extinguish both external and internal vehicle fires, protecting occupants and coating tires to prevent re-ignition. The system uses GSL’s Arctic Fire-Freeze (AFF) Agent on both the interior and exterior of the HMMWV stopping the fire and providing a fire-proof coating. The AFF has a unique ability to shield human skin, equipment and clothing from direct exposure to fire, heat and flame. Each “Fire-Proofed” HMMWV includes five different Vehicle/Warfighter fire protection and extinguishment systems. “With the AVFESS, not only is the fire extinguished, but a Warfighters’ clothing and skin are protected from blazing fires for up to several minutes, giving them critical time to assess the situation and react.” GSL Executive VP and Military Liaison, Brig. Gen. Richard C. Freeman, (USAF Ret.)

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