LAST Armor incorporating ceramic appliqué armor hexagons has been used on American, Canadian and French ground vehicles since the 1990s and is also used to reinforce plane cockpits by the Air Forces of ten nations around the world. The system uses a unique attachment system, enabling rapid assembly and removal of armor modules. The attachment system, similar to the Velcro hook-and-loop fasteners but five times stronger than conventional Velcro, enabling rapid application, removal and replacement of armor protection in the field.

The internally installed spall liners armor is a new line of product was recently introduced by Foster Miller, to provide additional protection from ballistic fragments such as those created by explosions of IEDs (improvised explosive devices).

LAST based spall liner has already been used with Force Protection’s vehicles (namely Cougar and Buffalo) produced for US forces. In October 2006, Foster Miller announced that its LAST spall liners will be used to provide internal protection for 85 British Mastiff Protected Patrol Vehicles (PPVs), currently under production at Force protection inc. Foster-Miller will supply the kits under a contract worth US$10 million.

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