GMLRS Program Moves Into Low-Rate Initial Production


The Multiple Launch Rocket System (GMLRS) – Unitary is shifting into low-rate production status, with the award of $125 million contract for rocket production. Guided MLRS Unitary integrates a 200-pound class unitary warhead into the GMLRS rocket, giving battlefield commanders the ability to attack targets up to 70 kilometers away with high precision.

This low-cost, low-risk program will greatly reduce collateral damage by providing enhanced accuracy to ensure delivery of the warhead to the target. Guided Unitary MLRS is the newest variant which leverages the Guided MLRS experience and investment to integrate a unitary warhead with a multi-mode fuze to expand the MLRS target set to include point targets within urban and complex environments. In January 2005, the U.S. Army issued an Urgent Need Statement for acceleration of Guided Unitary deliveries in support of counter fire operations. Lockheed Martin delivered the first 72 GMLRS Unitary rockets in June 2005, satisfying the requirements of the Urgent Need Statement. A total of 486 GMLRS Unitary rockets have been delivered to satisfy this requirement.

Improvements to the current fielded system contained in the just completed Phase II variant included software upgrades, new trajectory shaping modes and tri-mode fuze capability. The multiple fuze modes include an airburst mode, which detonates above the target point, a point detonate mode which impacts at the target point and a delay mode which impacts below the target point. The diversification of fuze mode options allows the system to be effective against multiple targets while maintaining low collateral damage.