The Telepresent Rapid Aiming Platform (TRAP) T-250D Mk IV is a lightweight, remotely controlled weapon mount. The system is mounted on a vehicle and can also be dismounted within few minutes, enabling users to remotely control a variety of sniper rifles or light machine guns. TRAP is designed to carry various weapons, from a standard M4, M16 to M-249 SAW, M-240 and the SR-25 sniper rifle up to the 0.50 Caliber M-82A-1M Barret high power sniper rifle. TRAP’s overall system weight is 62 lbs (31.7 kg) including the remote mount, controller and 360° drive.

The system uses imaging sensors which can be viewed on a portable controller, displaying a stabilized video image, with superimposed reticle showing the aimpoint, adjusted to compensate for measured range, and associated target location grid coordinates. TRAP can be located at distance of up to 109 yards (100 m’) from the controller, linked by cable. Multiple TRAPs can be linked to a single control center, to provide improved perimeter protection and control. The modular optics package can include a wide-angle search camera with 26X zoom capability (use of a doubler or tripler magnifiers is optional), a thermal camera, night vision optics, and a gunsight camera slaved to either a riflescope or hologram sight. The system is currently undergoing testing with the Marines. Procurement decision is expected by mid 2007.

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