Coyote – Air Deliverable Expendable UA


Coyote, built by Advanced Ceramics Research is designed as an air deliverable, optional expendable UAV weighing up to 6.4 kg, (14 lbs). With folded wings, propeller and tail, it fits into a standard A-size sonobuoy container. After release from its container, Coyote can dive to lower altitude, using its vertical fins as control and stabilizing surfaces.

As it reaches its cruising level (about 500 – 1200 feet above the surface), the wings are expanded over their full span (1.47 meter) and electrical motor started, preparing the aircraft for its mission. It can cruise at a speed of 111-139 km/h (60 – 75 kt) or loiter at 102 km/h (55 knots) for up to 60 minutes. Coyote is equipped with an electro-optical payload comprising a video camera with 10x optical zoom, and 320×240 pixel microbolometer. The payload transmits video in real time over a range of 37 km (20 nm) using 2 watt S-band transmitter.