Super Ranger UAV


Similar to the basic Ranger, it uses a twin boom and pusher propeller configuration. The aircraft will be equipped to fly through bad weather, including icing conditions, using an integral pneumatic de-icing system and reinforced propeller, and a lightning strike protection system.

It will use a 4-cylinder 4-stroke, fuel injected engine. With 190 liters of fuel on board, Super Ranger will be capable of flying missions with up to 20 hour long endurance, loitering at 60 – 70 knots. The new aircraft is designed to be certifiable under the evolving European airworthiness codes for UAVs, including the new STANAG 4671. Super Ranger will have a wing span of 9.48m (31ft) and an all up length of 7.11m (22.33ft). Super Ranger is scheduled to fly early 2008.

Compared with the baseline Hermes 450, Watchkeeper has a retractable and strengthened nose wheel and improved fixed main undercarriage. The wing is blended with the aircraft’s upper fuselage and carry de-icing equipment for all-weather operations.