Turning Combat Vehicles into Autonomous Mobile Platforms

General Dynamics Robotics Systems’ Autonomous Navigation System (ANS) is one of the basic components to be integrated in many Future Combat Systems autonomous and optionally autonomous driven vehicles. The system is currently being integrated and tested. During these tests the ANS team demonstrated that the system has matured enough to be ready for integration into tactical trucks and Stryker combat vehicles.

The Autonomous Navigation System developed for the FCS vehicular platforms by General Dynamics

This new technology will enhance the mobility and combat effectiveness of future manned and unmanned vehicles, providing better situational awareness and survivability. For the manned vehicles, ANS will provide an additional sensor enabling the crew to exercise multiple levels of control over combat and logistics vehicles, from remote tele-operation to full autonomy.

The ANS is an intelligent system integrates a number of sensors providing 360 degrees coverage, imaging and data processing tools, collision avoidance capabilities, path planning, situational awareness and leader/follower technologies. The systems command and control features improve communications and cooperation with other units, reducing the workload in managing complex task such as convoy and movement of tactical formations. Eventually, the system will enable the deployment of entirely unmanned elements of convoys, requiring fewer troops, enabling crew rest and support longer duration missions with larger payloads.

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