DCNS, ST Marine to Cooperate in Supporting Singapore’s Formidable Frigates


DCNS and Singapore Technologies Marine Ltd (ST Marine) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) yesterday (May 13, 2009) with the objective of setting up a joint venture to provide enhanced through life support for the six Republic of Singapore Navy’s Formidable-class frigates.

The agreement framework will include engineering studies for modifications or improved performance, proper maintenance, optimization of supply chain and training. The two companies have been cooperating for the past nine years in the building of the six Formidable-class frigates for the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN). In year 2000 Singapore contracted DCNS to build six Formidable-Class Frigates as part of its New Frigate Program, outlined by Singapore’s Ministry of Defence through the Defence and Science Technology Agency (DSTA). The first Frigate of this class, RSS Formidable was built at the DCNS shipyard in Lorient, France. The five following Frigates were built in Singapore by ST Marine under DCNS supervision.