The basic security fence utilized along the Israeli Buffer Zone and northern border was built by Magal Security Systems and consists of a combination of taut wire and vibration sensors, to reduce false alarms. The fence is built in 50 meter segments, which are activated by any type of tampering or passage attempt. Magal is currently proposing an installation of video cameras, which will cover every segment, and be triggered by alarms of the local segment, thus sending a real-time view of the segment, for visual verification of the event. The image captured by the camera can be transmitted immediately to security forces that rush to the area, to engage the infiltrators. Magal is also providing a similar system for perimeter defense system, utilizing a number of pan mounted cameras, which are automatically aimed at the segment that triggered the alarm. Magal offers such solutions as a low cost addition to security perimeter defenses, where the size of the installation or budget for security measures prohibits the use of video motion detection systems.

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