BAE Systems received the first order for 12 Q-Sights to equip British helicopter’s Gunner’s operating the new Gunner’s Remote Sighting System (GRSS) on Royal Navy Lynx Mk8 helicopters. The system will display the image of the gun-mounted thermal sight on a ‘see-through’ display mounted on the weapon operator’s helmet.

The British Navy is the first service to adapt BAE Systems' Q-SIght technology to be used for airborne remote gunner sight application. Photo: BAE Systems.


Photo: BAE Systems.

Q-Sight Lightweight Near-Eye Display Technology

Using patented technology to move light via holographic waveguides, the Q-Sight system displays a video image on a transparent screen approximately the thickness of a credit card. This technology eliminates the need for complex intermediate lenses that are heavy and create visual distortions. The system is lighter, simpler, performs better, and costs less than conventional helmet-mounted displays.

The system is compatible with standard night-vision goggles. The new system’s advantage is the ability to seamlessly switch between goggles and the thermal sight to acquire, track, and engage targets. The new displays will be delivered by May 2010 and enhance the helicopters’ capabilities in maritime force protection, counter-piracy, and counter-narcotics operations.

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