Tel Aviv, March 27, 2010: The Air Force and Israel’s defense industries have concluded a major simulative test of a future, multi-layered active air defense system to be deployed in Israel in the coming years. The test evaluated new doctrines, techniques and Technologies currently in service, or in various stages of evelopment. The test was conducted at the Israeli air defense attlelab, established as part of the Israel TestBed (ITB) established Since 1992, as part of the Arrow program.

The battlelab provides a virtual environment to test, define and improve the national air and missile defense doctrines, assess early warning capabilities and active defense means. These simulations are combined with live fire tests, field drills and other simulations, to keep Israel’s active defense sharp and effective.

The recent simulations concluded last week, included the new Iron Dome Counter Rocket, Artillery and Mortar (C-RAM) active defense systems, currently being deployed near the southern border with Gaza, the different Arrow interceptors and future, medium-range missile interceptor – David Sling – currently under development at Rafael and Raytheon. In preparing for the test, the IAF conducted a thorough, long-term assessment of a future integrated, multi-layered, multi-system active defense network, designed to  safeguard Israel in the future against  aerial, rockets and missile threats. Simulating such complex systems  to the finest details, the recent tests enabled defense officials to evaluate how such systems will operate as an integrated network in the future, highlighting technical, operational, doctrinal challenges and requirements to be addressed through the various development and deployment phases.

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