Reducing Operational Risk and Liability

IDGA’s International Piracy Summit, taking place July 7 – 9, 2010 in Naples, Italy, presents innovative strategies for partnerships between public and private sectors, with the aim to improve the stability of maritime operations and safety. Volatile times require you to attend this groundbreaking event. You’ll return with a ready-to-use counter-piracy action plan that covers:

  • Development and procurement of cost-effective, alternative (non-lethal) weapons and solutions
  • Judicial, law enforcement and economic issues – the real root of piracy and the necessary actions to take in combating attacks
  • What industry needs to do in response to piracy
  • Capability requirements for surveillance and alternative defense technologies
  • Regional capacity building

Date: 7-9 July, 2010
Location: Naples, Italy

Network and discuss with first-rate international leaders including:

  • Admiral Mark P. Fitzgerald, USN, Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe, Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Africa, Commander, Allied Joint Force Command Naples
    Vice Admiral Maurizio Gemignani, ITA Navy, Commander, Allied Maritime Command Naples
  • Commodore Anthanasios Makris, HN, Commandant, NATO Maritime Interdiction Operational Training Center
  • Commodore Hans Chr. Helseth, RNoR, Deputy Chief of Staff Operations, NATO MCC Northwood
  • Captain (CG) Henrik Warnhjelm, Commander, West Finland Coast Guard District
  • Captain James Staples, Master Mariner, US Merchant Marine
  • Captain Joseph Ahlstrom USMM, Professor, SUNY Maritime
  • Cyrus Mody, Manager, ICC International Maritime Bureau
  • Conrad Thorpe, OBE, Managing Director, Salama Fikira Limited
  • Mohamed Jama Ali, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mogadishu, Somalia

Contact the organizers for registration or Download the Brochure to learn more about the speaking faculty and talking points.

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