This video records captured in action, by an Australian Defense Forces (ADF) soldier using a helmet mounted camera records a fierce firefight erupting between an Australian and Afghan National Army (ANA) patrol and Afghan insurgents.

The event began as an observation from an ADF elements in overwatch covering the patrol route identify Afghan fighting-aged males moving into the area while women and children seen leaving. The suspicious movement triggered an early warning passed to the patrol, moving along an aqueduct leading to the town of Derapet.

The firefight erupted as the patrol was still in an open, high area over the aqueduct. More insurgents join the fight, some are located less than 100 metres from the patrol. Taking defensive positions, the patrol reports the engagement to the CP and mark their position to prevent friendly fire by helicopters and other forces. ISAF Apache gunships are called in to support, opening fire with 30mm cannons, targeted by the patrol. Supported by the helicopters from above, and mutual coverage by elements holding the higher ground, the unit advances down the valley, moving along the aqueduct, providing relatively safe route for the troops. The three-hour firefight is summarized in this five-minute video.

After approximately three hours the patrol manage to break contact and move back to their vehicle drop-off location. The Australian force suffered one casualty, Lance Corporal Jared MacKinney killed in action.

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