The IDF conducted today, October 12, 2010 an impressive demonstration of a battalion-size joint air ground combined arms operation which summarizes the training of officers for the land forces. The exercise takes place at the Shizafon training grounds in the Southern Negev desert, north of the city of Eilat.

IDF Assault Engineer units are trained in obstacle breeching, negotiating complex an obstacle, comprising minefields, anti-tank ditches, and berms. The unit employed multiple means developed specifically for these tasks, including towed assault bridges, heavy armored D-9 bulldozers, mine rollers and line-charge explosives for clearing mine and roadside IEDs. Photo: IDF Spokesman

The objective of the exercise which spans over several days is to demonstrate how officer cadets from different branches and corps operate together, in a battalion size, ground/air combined arms operation. During the exercise, training school cadets from the infantry, engineering, armored, and artillery corps are practicing complex combat techniques, in open and urban areas, during day and night, breeching through anti-tank obstacles and mine fields, calling fire support by artillery and the air force, and coordinating logistical support, by simulating casualty evacuations and aerial re-supply.

The IDF newest armored vehicle - Namerparticipated in the exercise, along Merkava 4 and Merkava 3 (seen here) taking part in an urban warfare simulated combat. Photo: IDF Spokesman.

For the first time the armored elements in the exercise employed the new Namer armored infantry fighting vehicles and Trophy active protection system, as part of the fielding of the first Trophy equipped Merkava 4 battalion. During the demonstration, a Spike anti-tank missile was fired against one of the Merkava 4 tanks, to be defeated by the tank’s active protection system (this clip is not shown on the video.) Mini-UAVs from the Artillery Corps’ new UAV squadron were also used.

Lt. General Gabi Ashkenazi IDF Chief of Staff

Chief of staff, Lt. General Gabi Ashkenazi said that in the next round of hostilities the IDF must win quickly and decisively, so there will be no doubt who won and who lost. There is no alternative to professionalism and combat spirit. According to my point of view, those who don’t prepare for war should not lead their troops in battle. The IDF has impressive means and capabilities, the Hezbollah, Hamas or the Syrians do not have such means. But at the end, these means must be employed with combat leadership, and you have this spirit” Ashkenazi told the young cadets.

The following video was released today by the IDF Spokesman.

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