CAA Tactical


CAA Tactical designed the RONI shell kit to enable the conversion of a standard handgun and pistol into an accurate carbine. With the new kit, standard targets can be engaged at 50 yards and beyond, since the RONI kit significantly improves the shooter’s grip, accuracy and therefore, hit targets at extended ranges. RONI shell kits are available for Glock, SIG Sauer, Springfield and Beretta firearms.

A pistol can be installed in the RONI in 5 seconds, requiring no pistol disassembly or gunsmithing for installation. The design maintains zeroing repeatedly as long as the same handgun is used with the same kit. The weapon maintains the pistol’s cocking handle to operate the weapon, but the RONI’s enlarged cocking handle enables easier operation, and rapid, more efficient clearing of jams, performed in the same way as when shooting the pistol by itself. The shell kit comes with extra safety devices, such as a safety shroud to protect the trigger for pistols without a conventional safety devise. And a forward finger guard, protecting the forefinger from the hot barrel shroud.