Desert Tech


Desert Tech offers the Stealth Recon Scout (SRS), a versatile sniper weapon system designed for highly accurate tactical sniping system for medium and long ranges. Despite its high accuracy, the SRS comes in a package that is shorter than the standard M16 Battle Rifle. The SRS is 11 inches shorter than conventional sniper weapons, because its bolt and magazine are located behind the pistol grip and because it utilizes a collapsible bolt design. This design shifts the weight rearward creating not only a shorter weapon but also a perfectly balanced rifle. The ergonomics and balance of the SRS are unheard of.

The company offers the Hard Target Interdiction Rifle,  a compact and portable 50 caliber designed as a  multi-caliber platform, allowing snipers to use the best extreme distance sniping cartridges currently available, including the .50 BMG, .408 Cheytac, .375 Cheytac, and .416 Barrett.

Multi-caliber options are also available to the compact SRS, for which the company offers conversion kits for .308 Winchester, .300, to the massive .338 Lapua Magnum, that almost matches the trajectory and effective range of the powerful 50 BMG, at less than half the weight. The SRS 338LM is over 20 inches shorter and weighs just 12 lbs and has proven to be very effective out to 1,800 meters.