Dynamatics Aerospace


Located at the JKM Science Center in Bangalore, Dynamatic is an R&D focused enterprise offering design and prototyping, process control and testing of products and materials. The company also operates the material sciences laboratory and Powermetric design center, offering advanced structural, thermal and dynamic engineering, analysis, design validation and optimization. A division of Dynamatic Technologies, Dynamatic Aerospace is a leading Indian Private Sector company developing and manufacturing complex aerostructures, aircraft parts and accessories. The company has the largest infrastructure in the Indian private sector, for the manufacturing of  air frame structures and precision aerospace components. Among the products produced here are the wing and rear fuselage of the Lakshya  targets, ailerons and wing Flaps for the HJT-36 Intermediate Jet Trainer (IJT) and major airframe structures for the Sukhoi 30 MKI fighter bombers.