Elbit Systems’ Brazilian subsidiary Aeroeletrônica Ltda. (AEL) has won a contract to supply additional Hermes 450 unmanned aerial systems to the Brazilian Air Force (FAB). The contract follows one year Brazilian operation of two Hermes 450 unmanned aircraft and one ground station under lease for one year.

Through this evaluation phase the Brazilian Air Force and Navy were defining their operational requirements for unmanned vehicles. It is assumed that the current order will comprise two additional systems fielding operational capabilities with the Air Force, bringing the total systems operated by the Brazilian forces to three. Further units are expected to be added in the future, as the FAB expands the services provided by unmanned systems. According to Elbit Systems, the project is a part of the Brazilian Air Forces’ objective to establish independent UAS capabilities, allowing for self-reliant operation and development of UAS in Brazil.

Brazil's new Hermes 450 will be delivered and supported by Elbit Systems' local subsidiary Aeroeletrônica Ltda. (AEL). Photo: Antonio Riciere Biasus via Elbit Systems
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