The first Indian C-130J in flight. The aircraft’s distinctive air-to-air refueling probe can be seen over the left side of the cockpit. Photo: Lockheed Martin
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The first C-130J arriving in New Delhi this week is planned to deploy to Bangalore for  Aero-India 2011 show. These planes will support India’s special forces’ operations, and operate from Hindan Indian Air Force (IAF) base near New Delhi. When fully operational, the C-130J will dramatically increase the rapid deployment of India’s special forces from the capital to other regions in India and abroad.

Presently, 18 pilots, nine load masters and nine combat system operators are being trained in the US. The aircraft will be able to perform precision low-level flying, air drops and landing in blackout conditions. Aerial refueling capability, advanced radar warning receivers and countermeasure dispensing system for extended range and survivability over hostile areas, will be available.This unique configuration aircraft introduces such special-operations air-transport capability for the first time in India. Following the induction of the first six aircraft India has already expressed interest to buy six additional aircraft to establish a full squadron of 12 transport planes.

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