Goodrich is displaying its F-16 ACES II advanced concept ejection seat at Aero-India. ACES II is credited with saving over 600 lives to date. These ejection seats are the designed with active pitch stabilization, providing consistent performance capability at airspeeds of zero to 600 KEAS (knots equivalent airspeed) and altitudes of zero to 60,000 feet. In addition to ejection seats for fighter jets, Goodrich is also displaying here the Common Crash Resistant Troop Seat, designed for installation on multiple helicopter platforms. Goodrich is located at Hall B Booth 19c.

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Goodrich main activity in India was focused at the commercial aviation sector. The company has established considerable local operations in Bangalore. At its a campus Goodrich is manufacturing evacuation slides for Airbus, Boeing and Embraer platforms, seating and cargo systems, interior and exterior lighting along with motors, actuation systems and electronic controllers. Goodrich employs over 1,200 individuals in assembly, quality control, MRO and customer service. In addition, the India design center employs over 450 engineers across multiple engineering disciplines.

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