Full-Speed Ahead For MASS

MASS (Multi Ammunition Softkill System) decoy launcher of the Finnish missile boat Pori.

To protect their fleets from missile attacks, the navies of Peru, Finland and Germany have all ordered MASS, Rheinmetall’s “Multi Ammunition Softkill System”, a state-of-the-art decoy system for protecting frigates, corvettes, minesweepers and patrol craft. In winning these three orders, MASS has once again outclassed its international rivals as well as gaining a foothold in the South American market. The three orders are worth a total of approximately EUR15.5 million.

MASS (Multi Ammunition Softkill System) decoy launcher of the Finnish missile boat Pori.

As part of a comprehensive modernization of its LUPO-class frigates, the Peruvian Navy has placed an order with Rheinmetall Defence initially to equip two ships with the MASS naval countermeasure system. The contract also includes an option for equipping two more frigates of this class within the next two years.

The German Navy has awarded Rheinmetall with another follow-on order for equipping its minesweepers with MASS, reflecting the great emphasis Germany places on force protection.

Following immediate retrofitting in 2008 of two countermine vessels in response to an urgent operational requirement (UNIFIL), two more vessels of the same class were equipped with MASS in 2009. Under the current order, two more countermine vessels will be equipped with a MASS two-launcher configuration with integrated detection unit.

The Finnish Navy, opting once again for MASS, has contracted with Rheinmetall Defence to retrofit six RAUMA-class missile boats. In 2002, Finland – the system’s pilot customer – had its Hamina-class fast attack craft outfitted with MASS technology.

Since its market launch in 2002, customers around the globe have ordered no fewer than 172 launcher units.

Superior protection with MASS
Guided missiles and other projectiles pose a constant threat to civilian shipping and naval vessels alike. MASS protects ships from attacks using advanced, sensor-guided missiles on the high seas and coastal waters as well as from asymmetric, terrorist-type threats. MASS fires decoy rounds which lure incoming projectiles away from their intended target.

Fully automatic, the MASS naval countermeasure system offers significant tactical, operational and logistical advantages and can be installed onboard any vessel. Moreover, it can be integrated into any command and control system or operated in standalone mode.

The MASS system’s innovative, programmable omnispectral rounds assure protection in all relevant wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum (radar, infrared, laser, EO, UV). Numerous international test campaigns have demonstrated its effectiveness in compelling fashion.

MASS with integrated detection unit
Featuring an integrated detection unit, the “MASS ISS – Integrated Sensor Suite” represents an innovative departure in naval electronic warfare. Jointly developed by Rheinmetall Defence and Saab (Electronic Defence Systems), this new version of MASS comes with sensors capable of detecting both radar and laser threats.

Source: http://www.spacewar.com/reports/Full_Speed_Ahead_For_MASS_999.html