APS for the K-2 MBT | Photo: South Korea Agency for Defense Development (ADD)
A two-shot launcher developed for the South Korean Active Protection System (APS) protecting the K-2 main battle tank. Photo: South Korea Agency for Defense Development (ADD)

South Korea is developing an Active Protection System (APS) for the K-2 tank augmenting the tank’s protection against anti-tank rockets and missiles. The system uses dual sensor detection and tracking system comprising a 3D radar and infrared system, control computer and countermeasure launchers firing specially designed rockets. According to Korean officials the system’s response rate is about 0.2 to 0.3 second from target detection, through to the interception.

The South Korean Agency for Defense Development (ADD) unveiled the system which has been under development since 2006, at a defense and technology exhibition held by the U.S. Pacific Command in Hawaii earlier this month. According to ADD the development of the new system was $36 million. The development is scheduled to be completed next year.

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