BAE Systems is submitting a revised version of its RG-35 for the Canadian Tactical Armored Patrol Vehicle (TAP-V). The company has released some details about the new 4×4 design – known as RG-35 RPU, designed as a mine protected reconnaissance, patrol and utility vehicle. The TAP-V is positioned as a replacement for the RG31 and Coyote reconnaissance vehicles operated by the Canadian forces. An award for up to 600 TAP-V vehicles is expected by early next year. The Canadian Defense Department has issued the Request for proposal in March and the deadline for industry proposals is July 14, 2011.

With a gross vehicle mass of 21,000kg and a payload capacity of 3,000kg, the RPU seats a driver plus 9 crew members offering MRAP protection level. Photo: BAE Systems.
The RG-35 RPU's protection module is centered around a proven "crew citadel" protection approach against mine, IED's and gunfire

Designed to offer very high survivability for the crew, the protection module is centered around a proven “crew citadel” protection approach against mine, IED’s and gunfire, through a compact design optimized for reconnaissance roles. Based on the RG35’s open architecture design, the RPU is built for multiple missions. The vehicle can be modified to transport cargo, conduct routine patrols or be outfitted with cameras and other electronic for surveillance missions. With a gross vehicle mass of 21,000kg and a payload capacity of 3,000kg, the RPU seats a driver plus 9 crew members.

Force protection International has joined Canada’s aerospace and defense contractor CAE in a bid for the TAP-V. Force Protection, selected earlier by Canada as a qualified bidder, is offering the Canadian military variants of Cougar wheeled combat vehicles to meet TAPV requirements. As its main Canadian partner, CAE would have overall responsibility for the in-service support solution, including vehicle operator and mission training systems; engineering information environment; fleet management services; systems engineering support; and, lifecycle and integrated logistics support services. CAE would also be responsible for assembling a pan-Canadian team of companies to develop and support any country-specific requirements for Canada’s replacement fleet of tactical armored patrol vehicles.

The RPU is configured as a 4x4 vehicle, although the modular design of the RG-35 can be configured for a 6x6 as well. Photo: BAE Systems

Earlirt in 2011 Oshkosh Defense unveiled its prototype for Canada’s Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle (TAPV) program, as well as the company’s plans to work with its subsidiary, London Machinery, Inc. (LMI), to leverage that company’s new facility in London, Ontario, in pursuit of Canadian Department of National Defence (DND) vehicle programs.

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