Lockheed Martin received a $58.6 million contract from the U.S. Marine Corps for more Vehicle Optic Sensor Systems II (VOSS II) and Portable Rapid Deployment Surveillance Systems (PRDSS). Under the contract, Lockheed Martin will provide 110 VOSS II and 30 PRDSS, plus additional field services and equipment in support of these systems.
The new kits are designed as lightweight and portable systems, offering combat teams riding in MRAPs a 360 Degree “eyes on” camera system. The equipment will be produced at the Lockheed Martin Gyrocam Systems facility in Sarasota, Fla., and the period of performance will continue through March 2012.

The PRDSS derivative of the system provides a portable surveillance system that can set up in urban, rural and extreme terrain environments and provides command personnel a bird’s eye view of activity in the area. The VOSS, developed by the Lockheed Martin Gyrocam company, is a mast-mounted sensor system, that can be mounted on vehicles or expeditionary installation, offering remote controlled surveillance. The lightweight, remotely controlled sensor mounted on a 30 foot (about 10 meters) telescopic mast, comprises high-resolution color, night vision and thermal sensors packed in a 15-inch class gyro-stabilized gimbal. The acquisition is managed by the Marine Corps’ MRAP Detection Systems Program Office. Lockheed Martin Gyrocam Systems has installed more than 900 Gyrocam camera systems on Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles throughout Afghanistan and Iraq.

An RG-31 mine protected armored vehicle mounting the VOSS system, on patrol in Iraq. Photo: Lockheed Martin
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