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The PARS 3LR weapon was developed under a three-nation cooperation (TRIGAT), which fell apart upon the withdrawal of British support. Later, the French MOD decided to discontinue its support leaving Germany to back the program. A possible Indian order could bring the missile back to the limelight. Photo: Tamir Eshel, defense Update
The WASP mini-UAV displayed by UVision at the Paris Air Show 2011. Photo: Tamir Eshel, defense-Update
Airbus Military A400M on display. The aircraft made one demonstration flight today, performing for the French President. Photo: Tamir Eshel, Defense-Update
the Micro B micro UAV from BlueBird Aero Systems, carrying what Ronen Nadir, CEO calls 'the world's lightest thermal imaging payload'. Our camera caught the micro-payload on a rare expose. According to Nadir, the lightweight camera was developed by Bluebird, based on an uncooled thermal imaging sensor made by Semiconductor Devices (SCD). Photo: Tamir Eshel, Defense-Update

The new Fury 1500 UAV from AME. With an empty weight of 25 kg, the new Fury 1500 can carry 75 – 100 kg of payload on a 15 hour mission. The ‘1500 is AME’s largest platform fielded to date. It is designed to carry multiple payloads, and carry two datalinks, plus satellite communications (a control communications channel utilizing an Iridium satlink. The company also plans to integrate a miniature satellite dataling to support sensor feed download via satellite. Currently the system uses two CDL links, enabling the Fury to serve as a radio relay for other platforms.)

The Fury 1500 UAV. The Fury 1500 UAV. Photo: Tamir Eshel, Defense-Update

This photo shows the Fury 1500 in an optional configuration adding two aerodynamic payload fairings covering ‘expensive payloads’ as Jay McConville, Chairman of the board at AME UAS said. The company is also the developer of the U.S. Air Force ‘Sand Dragon’ program, designed to fight Improvised explosive Devices (IEDs) from the air.

The Fury 1500 UAV. Photo: Tamir Eshel, Defense-Update
General Atomics family of UAVs displayed in models, showing the new, stealthy Avenger C in front, an armed Predator B Reaper in Royal Air Force colors, and the Customs and Border Protection maritime surveillance variant of the Predator B 'Guardian' which is displayed at the static area. Photo: Tamir Eshel, Defense-Update
the Air Tractor on display at the Paris Airshow carries an impressive array of weapons. We expect to post more on this mighty plane tomorrow. Photo: Tamir Eshel, Defense-Update
Iron dome is shown here for the first time in its new, mobile configuration. Photo: Tamir Eshel, Defense-Update
The Chinese 'Wing Long' Predator size MALE UAV is displayed at the Paris Airshow 2011 in an armed configuration. Wing Long is designed for recce, ECM, and light ground attack missions. Maximum gross takeoff weight is 1,100kg with payload weight of 200 kg (350 kg with fuel). Photo: Tamir Eshel, Defense-Update
RAFAEL unveiled the Modular Integrated C4 Air Defense (MIC4AD) system integrating multiple air defense assets into a total 'aerial picture', enabling air force jets, helicopters, transports and civilian air traffic to operate safely and efficiently in an air space, crowded with air defense and missile defense assets, artillery fire and enemy activity... A full description of the new system will follow. Photo: Tamir Eshel, Defense-Update
The new CN295 AEW&C will carry three radars - an AESA aerial surveillance radar mounted in the rotating dome, a maritime and surface search radar mounted in th bell and an IFF. Photo: Tamir Eshel, Defense-Update
C-MUSIC employs a fiber-laser based DIRCM element designed to defeat a wide range of MANPADS threats. This close-up photo shows the beam aiming mirror assembly directing the laser beam toward the target. Photo: Tamir Eeshel, defense Update
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