ESC BAZ Introduces Ambush Kits for Hand-Held EO Binoculars


Israel’s surveillance specialist ESC Baz is displaying its range of perimeter surveillance, mast-mounted, mobile and man portable surveillance systems at Combat 2011. At the exhibition the company provides a peek into the new lines of products, including man portable surveillance systems utilizing standard multi-sensor binoculars already available with the user (ESC currently support a wide range of binoculars from Elbit Systems, ITL, Sagem, Thales, FLIR Systems and others). The system dubbed ‘AMI’ is configured as an ‘ambush kits’, employing the sensor mounted on remotely controlled pan-tilt tripod mounted unit, keeping the observers protected from enemy fire. The system is remotely controlled from a portable console over wire or wireless link. Another system on display is a compact telescopic mast, that can folded and tucked covertly inside vehicles. The mast is erected by remote operation, elevating surveillance equipment to a height of six meters.

The lightweight, tripod mounted man-portable pan-tilt mount developed by ESC Baz, coupled with remote control unit, to provide standard EO sensors or EO/IR binoculars to be used as remote controlled surveillance sensors without risking operator exposure. Photo: Tamir Eshel, Defense Update

Another product ESC Baz is showcasing here is the Hands-Free Radio (HFR) system, the kit provides security and undercover personnel riding motocycle with continuous, uninterrupted and covert communications, both with and without the helmet. The HFR kit comprises a miniature earphone, bluetooth helmet and Push to talk (PTT) wireles system controlling the radio from the handles. The system uses conduction connectors to switch seamlessly from mounted to dismounted operation in covert mode, without giving away suspicious signals. ESC Baz is also offering the HFR for horse mounted security and police forces.