Rafael Team with Raytheon to Offer Iron Dome in the U.S.

A Tamir missile fired by an Iron Dome fire unit near Ashkelon, Israel, intercepting a Palestinian 122mm Grad rocket fired at the city. The iron Dome has repeatedly intercepted Palestinian rockets since its first deployment in April 2011, demonstrating impressive score. Photo via RAFAEL

Raytheon Company and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd have teamed to market the combat proven Iron Dome weapon system in the United States. Rafael developed the original Iron Dome to provide protection against rockets, artillery and mortar attacks. “Iron Dome complements other Raytheon weapons that provide intercept capabilities to the U.S. Army’s Counter Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar initiative at forward operating bases,” said Mike Booen, vice president of Raytheon Missile Systems’ Advanced Security and Directed Energy Systems product line. “Iron Dome can be seamlessly integrated with Raytheon’s C-RAM systems to complete the layered defense.” Raytheon and Rafael are also teaming on the David Sling Weapon System, which is a mobile, land-based missile defense program, and the Blue Sparrow missile defense targets program. Raytheon is already marketing the Centurion point defense system, an operational, combat proven system employing the Phalanx close-in weapon system protecting forward operating bases in Iraq and Afghanistan against mortar and short range rockets.

The Iron Dome has also been proven in combat, intercepting short range rockets fired at Israeli population centers in South-central Israel. The Iron Dome program awarded to Rafael in 2007 has completed flight test trials, and the weapon system is currently used in Israeli population centers to protect against terrorist rocket attacks based on an Israeli Ministry of Defense decision.

“The Iron Dome teaming builds on our decade-long, ongoing cooperation with Raytheon Missile Systems to provide air and missile defense solutions,” said David Stemer, Rafael executive vice president and general manager of Rafael’s Missile Division. “Iron Dome delivers a leap-ahead, affordable capability for future customers.”