Asia Pacific Defense Update – August 28, 2011

Eurocopter EC225 in Japan's Coast Guards service.

Defense Update News Report

Despite U.S. Indecision, Taiwan’s is Still Interested in F-16C/Ds

Taiwan continues its efforts to acquire F-16 C/D fighters and diesel-powered submarines from the United States, despite the island’s improved ties with mainland China. Taiwan has asked Washington for price quotes on F-16 C/D fighter jets three times since 2006, the latest of which was made in February 2007. None of those requests have been accepted, however, on the grounds that the U.S. government had not yet formulated a policy on the issue. It was recently reported that Washington would decide on Taiwan’s latest request for F-16 C/Ds by Oct. 1. Taiwan is interested in equipping its aircraft with advanced AESA radars.

Eurocopter EC225 in Japan's Coast Guards service.

Japan Orders EC225 SAR Helicopters

Japan Coast Guard has ordered three additional Eurocopter EC225 helicopters. These aircraft will be the first civilian helicopters to be equipped with advanced mission system. The Japan Coast Guard initially purchased two EC225s in 2006 through an open tender, complementing their AS332 L1 fleet for long range all-weather SAR missions as well as for ship-borne operations. these EC225 helicopters provided important service during relief operations after the earthquake and tsunami in March, in which one helicopter was lost. The current acquisition will replenish the fleet with new aircraft equipped for search and rescue (SAR) and anti-piracy missions.

Pakistan: F-17 Thunder production On Track

In the past two years the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has completed production of 26 JF-17 Thunder aircraft at Pakistan Aeronautical complex Karma, achieving the target set by the government.

Indonesia – Plans for the Acquisition of two new Submarines

Interested in acquiring two new submarines, Indonesia is currently evaluating two options. Turkey, in collaboration with the german company HDW is offering the 1400 ton Type 209 submarine, to be built in Turkey at the Golcuk naval shipyard, by the Turkish company STM under the license of HDW. HDW has already built 14 U 209-type submarines for the Turkish navy and is working in Turkey on the construction of six U 214-type diesel submarines for the Turkish Navy. Turkey is offering two of its existing Type 209 submarines on lease, as a gap filler for the indonesian navy. Indonesia is also considering buying new submarines, from the South Korean Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine. The estimated to worth about $1 billion with Turkey’s arms procurement office.