Defense Update News Report Sept. 2, 2011

The AEHF communications payload delivers the new XDR (Extreme Data Rate) communications services, supporting up to 8.192 Mbps per user, in addition to low and medium data rate Milstar protocols. Photo: Northtrop Grumman

EMS Technology to Provide Anti-Jam Antenna for the Fourth AEHF Satellite

The Defense & Space (D&S) division of EMS Technologies, Inc. will provide Northrop grumman an anti-jam beam-forming network for the fourth Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) spacecraft. The nulling system will help in safeguarding the AEHF constellation’s Milsatcom architecture, as it is designed to protect the spacecraft’s tactical network from jamming and piracy. Northrop Grumman builds and integrates the AEHF payload that consists of processors, antennas, radio frequency subsystems and crosslinks. The contract is valued at $11.5 million.

Boeing Awarded Over a Billion US$ Toward the Procurement of Three Wideband Global SATCOM Satellites

Boeing Satellite Systems, Inc. of El Segundo, CA. has been awarded over one billion US$ contract modification funding the production of Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) Block II Satellite Vehicle 7, advance procurement for Satellite Vehicle 8 and option to produce, process, launch and activate on-orbit Satellite Vehicles 9. The WGS satellite constellation that began deployment in 2007 provides wideband defense communications capabilities supporting U.S. department of defense and the Australian Defense department. The U.S. Air Force awarded Boeing the first WGS contract in 2001. The first of three Block I satellites was launched in 2007 with two follow-on satellites launched in 2009. Three additional satellites are currently being completed, slated for launch between December 2011 and february 2012. The three Block II satellites added to the program will be launched from FY15. The contract modification expands the WGS constellation to eight satellites, as mandated by Fiscal Years 2010-2015 Program Decision Memorandum (PDM) III.

Force Protection is offering a 6x6 version of the Cougar called 'Timberwolf' for the Canadian TAPV program. Photo: Force protection

Force protection’s Timberwolf Pursue Canadian TAPV Program

The Tactical Armored Patrol vehicle (TAPV) program of the Canadian  Army is picking steam as the deadline for proposals nears. Force protection announced yesterday its offer submission for the program. The company is offering the ‘Timberwolf’, a 6×6 variant of the battle proven Cougar. A contract award to the final selected bidder for the TAPV requirement is currently expected by the second quarter of 2012.

Night Optics Acquisition to Expands Bushnell’s Reach Into Security, Military Markets

September 1, 2011: Sports optics, premium eyewear and outdoor accessories company Bushnell Outdoor Products has acquired Night Optics USA Inc. of Huntington Beach, Calif. Night Optics USA is a provider night vision and thermal imaging for commercial, law enforcement and military applications. Part of the acquisition was funded by t private equity fund MidOceanPartners. the terms of the acquisition were not announced. MidOcean Partners acquired Bushnell four years ago and has added several complementary brands to its portfolio since, including acquisitions of Millett and Simmons in 2008. According to Blake Lipham, Bushnell President and CEO, the acquisition enhances Bushnell’s access to law enforcement, military and security markets.

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