The growing demand for special mission aircraft has raised the interest in the PC-12NG / Spectre platform from the Swiss company Pilatus. At the recent NBAA business jet convention in Las vegas the Swiss company Pilatus presented the special mission ‘Spectre’, a version of the PC-12 NG single-engine turboprop designed exclusively to support multiple government, military, law enforcement and medevac roles.

The PC-12NG Spectre special mission aircraft from Pilatus. Photo: Pilatus Aircraft
An inside view of the Spectre showing one of the mission systems' operator consoles. Photo: Pilatus Aircraft

The basic PC-12 Spectre features a standard a retractable sensor platform, and a 9-passenger utility interior with a sensor operator’s console. Most Spectre aircraft are highly modified to tailor to the customer’s specific mission requirements. Customization can include communications and surveillance equipment, external pods, medevac interiors and a paratrooper jump door. According to the Pilatus, over 1,000 PC-12s are in the field today. Variants of the PC-12 Spectre are currently in operation with the U.S. and several foreign militaries, federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.

Pilatus Aircraft PC-12 Spectre Special Mission Aircraft. Photo: Pilatus Aircraft
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