The first Barak 8 missile test took place in israel in May 2010 however, the first images were released unofficially only today. According to Indian DRDO officials, the next test phase is planned to be conducted in Israel in January of February 2012. The missile was developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems in Israel with the booster for the extended range version provided by India. The missile is equipped with an advanced RF seeker (seen below) and is designed for fully autonomous operation in addition to ‘fire and update’ modes, enabling maximum use of available assets in complex, multi-target scenarios.

Barak 8 first test launch
Two images taken during the Barak 8 test firing show a flight testing of the propulsion system (left) and vertical launch system (right). Both versions were the basic barak 8 missile (without booster). Photos: Tamir Eshel, Defense Update
Barak 8 seeker
Barak 8 advanced RF Seeker, developed by IAI MBT division.
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