Elbit Systems Launches the ‘Clip-On Coyote’, a Modular Un-Cooled Sniper Sight


Elbit Systems is launching at Eurosatory 2012 the Clip-On Coyote, a modular un-cooled sight that easily integrates in front of any sniper’s rifle telescope. Weighing less than 1.7 kg, the Clip-On Coyote enables shooting ranges on accurate calibers for snipers for more than 1,000m, high quality thermal imaging, detection range of 2.5 km and more than 8 hours of continuous operations.

Specially designed for team operations, the system also offers a Video Net Kit for team efficiency. Comprised of video recording, transferring and receiving capabilities, the kit has also the ability to connect several snipers to the same net, enabling them to share and coordinate mission data. It also provides enhanced command and control and advanced monitoring and investigating capabilities.

The Clip-On Coyote, a modular un-cooled sight. Photos: Elbit Systems

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