The first Typhoon was delivered to the RSAF in 2009.

Britain’s BAE Systems Plc is close to selling 12 Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets to equip the Royal Air Force of Oman. According to the Reuters news agency the sale could be worth up to $2 billion. Oman already has 12 F-16C/D, and last December placed an order for additional 12 Block 50 falcons, to be delivered beginning in 2013. The request for proposal for the British Typhoon Tranch 3 version fighters was made after the signature of the F-16 contract. These new F-16s or Typhoons are likely to replace the 18 Jaguar fighters currently in service. Originally Oman operated two Jaguar equipped air-defense squadrons, No 8 and No 20, both based at Thumrait Air Base.

BAE is also in talks to supply 60 Eurofighters to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) if the Gulf Arab state’s deal with France’s Dassault falls through. The UAE was expected to finalize the $10 billion deal with French aircraft manufacturer Dassault last year but stalled after the UAE claimed the French terms were uncompetitive. Oman has been a loyal customer for British aircraft, being one of the first international users of the Jaguar Anglo-French fighter, BAE Hawk trainer, as well as the Agusta-Westland Lynx.

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