RADA’s MHR radar has been undergoing field testing since May 2012. Initial deliveries are expected before year’s end. Photo: RADA.

Israel’s defense electronics company RADA reported yesterday on the successful testing campaign of its new family of radars. Among the systems being tested are the company’s Multi-Mission Hemispheric Radar (MHR) and the Compact Hemispheric Radar (CHR), both systems are undergoing field trials and demonstrations in Israel and abroad, with production-standard demonstrations in Israel and abroad. According to company officials the demonstrations have started in May 2012 and are expected to continue till the end of the year.

RADA has developed two radar hardware platforms: the Compact Hemispheric Radar (CHR), which is tailored to combat vehicles and short-range protection applications; and the Multi-mission Hemispheric Radar (MHR), which is tailored to force and border protection applications. Both are configured as tactical, compact and mobile systems operating in the S Band frequency range and employ active electronically scanned array (AESA) plannar antennae technology employing agile scanning modes, with track while scan functionality, supporting the war-fighters and provide them with real-time threat alerts.

This Active Protection System (APS) application of RADA’s RPS-10 radar has been integrated by IMI as part of its Bright Arrow solution for the Armored Sherpa Light Armored personnel carrier displayed by Renault Trucks at Eurosatory 2012. Photo: Tamir Eshel, Defense-Update.

[nonmember]This is an abstract version of the article. To get our analysis, please  subscribe to one of our Premium Levels. [/nonmember][ismember]Both systems are designed as software-defined modular systems, easily adaptable to various missions. Hence, the same module can assume different operational missions by using different software settings, configured for force protection, counter-fire or border protection solutions. The CHR is currently being demonstrated in two versions – the RPS-10 utilized with IMI’s Iron Fist active protection system has been tested in several configurations, in Israel and abroad. A derivative of this system is RPS-15, being prepared for used in a hostile fire detection application, on board tactical ground vehicles in upcoming months.

The larger system is comprised of several radar modules (up to four modules in the MHR configuration weigh together less than 100 kg), inter-connected to provide hemispheric coverage. RADA has demonstrated this configuration in the RPS-40, providing hostile fire detection, where the radar demonstrated excellent performance of threats detection and localization of the fire sources. Testing of the RPS-42 Tactical Air Surveillance and the RHS-44, optimized for border protection solutions are expected in the following months. RADA plans to begin serial deliveries of radars to various customers in the fourth quarter of this year.

RADA’s MHR radar is a software defined radar that can be configured to different missions, including fire alerting, border protection and tactical air surveillance.


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