BAE plans to deliver the 925th APKWS assembly next month. Photo: BAE Systems

The U.S. Navy has authorized full-rate production of the Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System (APKWS), BAE Systems’ affordable and versatile laser-guided rocket system.
Under the contract, the company will make deliveries to support the U.S. Marine Corps, which is already effectively utilizing APKWS in theater.
The guided rocket was shot for the first time in combat in March 2012, from AH-1W and UH-1Y helicopters supporting Marine Corps ground forces during combat operations in Afghanistan, demonstrating its capability to engage and penetrate complex targets.

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“Full-rate production of this capability is important because it means more APKWS units will be available to U.S. military forces and select countries,” said Navy Capt. Brian Corey, APKWS program manager. “This highly effective weapon allows aviators to complete their missions while minimizing the risk of harm to allies and non-combatants.” BAE Systems is the government’s prime contractor for APKWS. The company will deliver its 925th initial production system to the Navy in September. APKWS is also available to the U.S. allied forces through foreign military sales.

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