Shadowhawk VTUAS
Shadowhawk can operate on missions up to three hours. According to the manufacturer, the operating costs of the Shadowhawk are approximately 11 percent of manned helicopters, considering the lower fuel consumption (1.1 gal./hour) , maintenance and manpower costs. The VTUAS is also safer to operate than a full-size helicopter, Vanguard said, since the Shadowhawk will auto-rotate to the ground in a controlled landing even when a complete failure of the main engine. Although full size helicopters may be able to perform this function with a highly skilled pilot, it often results in significant damage to the aircraft as well as injury to the pilot. Photo: Vanguard

Vanguard Defense Industries, Inc., developer of unmanned vertical takeoff and landing systems (VTUAS) has teamed with US based ISR Group, Inc. to provide Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) services for  U.S. and NATO Forces, as well as other government agencies, operating Vanguard’s Shadowhawk VTUAS. Under the exclusive agreement signed by the two companies, ISR Group will perform flight operations, operator training, and maintenance services in support of Vanguard Defense’s Shadowhawk unmanned aircraft system platform. “Together, ISR Group and Vanguard Defense Industries will provide intelligence-gathering capabilities to military and government agencies without them having to carry the burden of heavy financial investments in rapidly evolving technology,” said Alfred Lumpkin, ISR Group founder and CEO. The agreement will allow for further advances of unmanned VTOL technology within the private sector for commercial applications.

The Shadowhawk Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) is routinely deployed in the U.S. and internationally to provide real-time, actionable information where manned resources are limited or could be compromised. This UAS can be configured with multiple payloads, providing live-streaming information at either low altitudes for detailed inspections or at higher altitudes with increased endurance and wider areas of surveillance. The system is also used to rapidly and safely gather high-resolution imagery and other data to support national security interests, inspect vital natural resources and infrastructure, and to assess disaster damage without risking additional personnel.

“It’s this value-added concept that will keep our country on the forefront of security advancements.” Michael Buscher CEO of Vanguard Defense Industries added, “The pairing of the two companies now provide clients with a true turn-key solution to UAS operations which is unrivaled in the industry.”

The ISR Group has been offering operational services for U.S. government agencies and the commercial sector, providing unmanned aerial vehicles and ground robotics services for intelligence, surveillance, underwater inspection and recovery.

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