Ceradyne's MOHAWK integrated helmet.
Ceradyne’s MOHAWK integrated helmet.

Ceradyne, Inc. in conjunction with Threat4 Inc., is showing a new concept of helmet and head protection called ‘MOdular HArd Wired Kitted’ (MOHAWK). The Boltless (patent pending) combat helmet comes with integrated radio communication headset and hearing protection; the tactical in-ear radio communication headset developed by Threat4 Inc. The helmet utilizes Ceradyne’s advanced Seamless Ballistic technology and new Boltless design.

The helmet provides increased protection against fragments, small arms and rifle bullets. The shell uses Ceradyne Diaphorm’s proprietary Seamless Ballistic Helmet (SBH) forming and Thermoplastic Composite Helmet (TCH) molding technologies. SBH technology is used to form the helmet shell geometry from a multi-layered laminate without having to cut or dart any of the individual layers while creating a helmet shell with virtually no folds in the laminate. The resulting molded shell offers performance uniformity and thickness repeatability.

The new combat helmet is based on a boltless retention system design with minimal inside surface obstruction. The helmet is further enhanced with a multi-conductor central modular bus bar system integrated into the helmet shell, with multiple universal mounting points to attach any combination of powered helmet accessories.

The Threat4 tactical headset mounted on the MOHAWK is a variant of Threat4’s traditional x-62000 series headset which has been modified to include brackets to mount it on either side of the MOHAWK and to draw power from the bus bar system. Other accessories that are mountable to the MOHAWK include IFF (identification friend-or-foe) transponder, NVG (night vision goggle) with integrated camera and LED flashlight, all powered from the rear battery pack. The integration of a headset communication system with hearing protection to the helmet contributes to weight and logistics savings to the warefighter by eliminating the traditional headset’s power source and connecting to the power rail.


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